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Since recently had a look at vapeciga airis vape, I’m still very popular, freemax asked if he might be interested in its next version with “double first pod mesh the world.” Curious to know exactly what they meant little information available at the time, and thought he could offer something new and different from other pod kit dozens already on the market, I responded with a resounding “yes please”. So if struck gold again with AutoPod50? Read on and find out.

I must say the freemax AutoPod50 offer in the range of pretty colors, six in all, and send more than two for the review: “green”, making gradually disappeared emerald green to the top of cyan to the bottom and “blue-yellow” yellow to blue discoloration. Both stunners, but settled on the combined use blue-green is a little quieter.


Size / Weight 43.5 x 24.5 x 94mm / 151.5 grams
2000 mAh internal battery 2. A quick recharge
output of 5 to 50 watts, 0.7 to 7.5 volts
PCTG tank 4 ml (2 ml for PDT area)
fiber mesh dual coil cotton tea SS904L

Looking around equip the main frame has been constructed in metal alloy faceplate and buttons are made of plastic, and although a little small, the screen between the keys. not toys key and buttons have a nice positive feeling with them, although I see a small amount of movement in the plastic panel when the button is pressed the shutter and there is little control side to the side panel.

There is a minimum mark in the logo nokiva show new separately on one side that allows you to paint them really work for brightness (the commercial version in recent times seems to have a similar size logo “AutoPod50” on the opposite side) and despite concerns initials with super glossy finish was not too fingerprint magnet. I

On the cover is held in place by three strong magnets so that there is no fear of losing the car in his pocket, etc., and there are two contact pins spring in very bold spiral that look like they were built to last. No leaks or condensation buildup, but as usual, I suggest you see this area just in case to prevent the liquid to make its way into the intestines.

Using the menu is simple with the usual 5-click on / off, and three clicks you get a submenu where you can access additional information such as remaining battery voltage and put the pastry counter, etc. The only mode available is adjustable watt 5 watt to 50 watts in 1 watt slowly, without adjustment round but fast enough in all cases. A press the up and down buttons together locks the power setting, but still leave the power button is functional, I found in practice this is more like a suggested capsule watts of obstacles depending on the resistance of the coil and frequent readjustment when the sheath is removed then, are left on the severity of their power with the keys locked! The only shortcut I found fire extinguisher, paperless and return to the bottom of the screen.

Although simple menu simple, it should not be left with the impression that this is the bottom of the board cuts that can be found in the dry herb vaporizer click in system as well. Most of them do not have the ability to boost kit which means they can provide a voltage current available battery may cause loss of quality Vape the battery level falls below the voltage required to achieve the selected watts.

pod built PCTG now standard, which is resistant to most eliquids and has 4 ml (2 ml PDT area) with the familiar sheath / spool / afc arrangement. Coils must first be screwed into the bottom of the AFC and assembly and pressed down. A the end of the brewing inside the sheath, which integrates with 8mm hole allowed to look down to the right in the coil and found very convenient to use. This is very useful is plugs filling position below the right nacelle side AFC, which means it can be difficult to fill, especially with larger bottles, and recommend a tip jar that eLiquid the outer edges still have experienced myself possible air pockets sometimes! This case also has a smoke black finish looks great, but how is not always easy to see how much they still eLiquid.

Now let this piece AutoPod50 party and the main selling point of the coil. The two coils various dual coil, a first included for the pod system, and the latest technology includes Coiltech 4.0 freemax with stainless steel 904L mesh, another first, feed, fiber evacuation tea material. innovation and development cycle freemax clear three-year development technology mesh coil. Was 0.25 Ohm coils with O-ring yellow and green 0.5 ohm coils with O-ring, as seen in the image above, have a very different style mesh and so I’m very curious to see how it will to do.

The 0.5ohm coil has proposed a range 15 to 35watts with the “best” AutoPod50 30. 20Watts do with this coil, but believe it is a quiet relx pods get code increase in the range of 25 to 30 watts to approximately half of the airflow . For me, this coil seems to work best on the mark 30 watts, but began to struggle beyond 35 watts. The sage taste, I would say not as good as the 0.25ohm reel that would be my first choice, but there is not much difference in performance between the two.

Freemax provides that the coil has a shelf life of 40 to 80 parts depending on use. Eliquid Although it is a bit difficult to prove in the time available to write a comment, I can say I’m about 25 tanks worth up more than 0.25 ohm coils and although the taste of cotton is still a slight coloration very good and just change by testing 0.5 ohm coils.


2000mAh battery
The technology buck / boost for a power delivery more consistent
good taste and life of the coil
Ergonomic and easy pocket

dark sheath, it is difficult to assess the level of eLiquid
fill hole could be better
A small movement on the front panel

The AutoPod50 clearly intended for the market of the lungs is directly limited, so if you’re a tight lungs mouth VAPER then keep a small flower for you, but look at the sector of the market freemax AutoPod50 then is able to match, or many cases exceed, all available from Smok, Voopoo or AIRISTECH. coils large extent, lasting internal battery 2000mAh battery decent and fast loads all containers of the compact marks a pocket-friendly for all the vaporizer day only allowed my hands and I have received, it is highly recommended to me.

You can buy here: relx e cig

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