You must know these four things about electronic cigarettes!

The Trump administration of the United States announced that it will soon ban all odorous e-cigarette products to prevent more and more young users from using e-cigarettes. At the same time, a severe vapor-related lung disease has broken out. , Which caused 6 deaths and hundreds of illnesses; we must be clear about four things about e-cigarettes, the following are the key introductions:

1 Is e-cigarette safer than smoking?

In fact, we don’t know; unlike cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not burn. This device has been on the market in the United States since 2006. Its working principle is to heat a liquid to turn it into vapor and be inhaled by users; Smokers are not exposed to about 7,000 compounds in conventional cigarettes, and there is no known link between e-cigarettes and cancer. However, this liquid contains highly addictive nicotine, according to the 2018 National Academy of Sciences A study showed that there are other compounds in e-cigarettes that are considered potentially harmful.

There is conclusive evidence that the vapor of e-cigarettes contains trace amounts of metal, which either come from the coil used to heat the liquid or from other parts of the e-cigarette device. Some flavor substances also contain diacetyl, which is a kind of A chemical substance related to serious and very rare lung diseases. Although most studies believe that e-cigarettes are much less toxic than smoking, researchers currently do not know the long-term effects of e-cigarettes on population morbidity and mortality. It may take decades of research to be able to determine, most of this research was carried out before the outbreak of severe lung disease in the United States, and researchers are currently investigating 450 cases.

2 U.S. investigation

The initial symptoms of patients in the United States included difficulty breathing and chest pain. Then some people were taken to the hospital and put on respirators. According to the attending doctor, several teenagers became unconscious due to the drug. One of the patients even needed a lung transplant. New York The health department of Japan is focusing its investigation on counterfeit narcotics kits containing vitamin E oil, but federal authorities have not yet determined a substance that is present in all cases.

Some doctors said that they found that the patient had acute lipoid pneumonia (acute lipoid pneumonia), which is a non-communicable respiratory disease that can cause this disease when oil or fatty substances enter the lungs; nevertheless, Researchers are currently not sure why these cases were only reported in the United States, and whether they were new cases or were discovered after early misdiagnosis.

3 Behavior of local government

In June of this year, San Francisco became the first city in the United States to ban the sale and manufacture of e-cigarettes, followed by Richmond, Virginia. Manufacturer JUUL’s response to the San Francisco ban is that this will prompt a successful switch to steam products. Former adult smokers reinvest in deadly cigarettes. According to a study of 886 patients in the British National Health Service published by NEJM in February, the above statement is correct.

The one-year withdrawal rate of e-cigarette users was 18%, while the withdrawal rate of participants who used nicotine substitutes such as chewing gum or patches was 9.9%, but these changes are not all one-way. Recent studies have shown , Among young people, e-cigarettes will provide a way for full smoking.

4 Supervision or prohibition

The e-cigarette industry firmly does not want minors to use such products, and said it will take more measures to prevent them from selling. In the United States, it is illegal to sell e-cigarettes to people under the age of 18 or 21. It depends on the state; in addition, smoking bans also deprive smoking-addicted adults of valuable tools to quit smoking. And depriving those smokers of the right to use e-cigarettes may not be a good decision.


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