Why does yooz leak liquid?

Why does yooz grapefruit leak liquid? Many users of yooz grapefruit have long been troubled by the problem of Vape leakage, so why does yooz grapefruit leak liquid? To understand this, we must first figure out the cause of yooz pomelo leakage.

  1. Why does yooz grapefruit leak liquid?

In fact, liquid leakage from electronic atomization is a relatively common phenomenon, and the mainstream electronic atomization products currently on the market basically have such problems. It can be said that if you choose electronic atomization, you must accept and understand such a phenomenon. This is not a question of which agency or brand. It is a common industry problem, and yooz vape pod system grapefruit is no exception.

In fact, in many cases, the liquid leaks when the manufacturer sends it to the distributors, and the distributors are helpless. Under normal circumstances, slight liquid leakage in the cartridge is a normal phenomenon, as long as you open the package and wipe it clean and install it, it will not affect normal use.

  1. Is it condensate or leaking liquid?

Another situation is that condensate will appear during the operation of the atomizer, which is mistaken for leaking by the user. Therefore, we must first learn to distinguish the difference between condensate and smoke liquid.

How is the condensate produced? Generally speaking, the smoke liquid is not inhaled after being atomized. The PG (alcohol fusion agent) in the smoke liquid is condensed in the air to form a liquid containing a small amount of smoke liquid. Inhalation will eventually taste sweet and irritating. Let everyone mistake it for leaking liquid. The color of the condensed night is dark brown, and the liquid leaked by the smoke bomb is mainly light yellow, which is still very different.

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