Quick and Easy Rabbit Vapes – How to Make Your Own Bunny E-Juice


The Dead Rabbit Vaporizer is a really great new electronic cigarette that you can use to quit smoking. A lot of people use the vaporizers to help them quit their smoking addiction and if you are one of them, then the Dead Rabbit Vaporizer will be perfect for you. This vaporizer has been designed especially for people that cannot quit but wants to cut down on their smoking frequency. It is actually one of the newest electronic cigarettes out there and many people have said that it works great for them. The way that this vaporizer actually works is by giving you less of the nicotine, but not enough to completely stop smoking.

To get the maximum amount of vapor from the Dead Rabbit Vaporizer, you need to use the included e-juice, included with the kit. When you go to fill up your tank, you will need to follow the directions given. Most vaporizers have an indicator which shows how much your tank needs to be filled so make sure to read that before filling up your tank.

Once you have finished filling your tank, you should see some gold plated positive posts on the sides. These posts make it easy to build the vapor coil coils. The first thing that you will want to do when filling your dead rabbit is to install the included double coil kit. Then you will want to place the included gold plated positive posts on the sides of your tank and then place the dual coil kit inside. Finally you will place the vaporizer into the box located on top.

The dual coil kit is where you are going to build the vapor and it has two wires that you need to connect. The two wires are going to be the red and black wires. Once you place the gold plated positive posts on the sides of the dead rabbit, you will then place the negative rail on the bottom of your tank. The final step is to place the included glass rods on the sides of your box and then finally place your included glass airflow tool inside.

Next you will start by removing the air tube from the included rabbit air supply. You will then take the wire that is attached to the air tube and place it onto the positive rail. You will then attach the included glass rods onto the glass deck. Then you will slowly add the air to the deck while you slowly push the air in through the included rabbit hose.

The first few times you are going to add the bunny juice to your kit you are going to have to manually drip into the included bottle. After you have dripped the first time, you can continue on. After you have placed the second round of rabbits in the box you should then open up the lid of the kit. When you open the lid you will notice that there are foam packets inside.

After you have placed the second round of rabbits in the kit you will then want to pull out the original bottle and place it inside the box. Next you will want to add one ounce of the concentrated bunny juice in the bottle. You will then close the lid and shake the kit to mix the juice. After you have done this you should then close the lid and give it a couple of minutes for the juice to mix. When you do this you will then be ready to add in your second round of rabbits.

The last step you will want to complete in your quick and easy dead rabbit vaporizer is to gently swirl the drink kit inside the included air tight container. After you have swirled the drink kit inside the container you should then wait approximately five minutes before you open the lid and swizzle the kit again. After you have done this you will then be ready to enjoy your very own homemade e-juice. If you follow these steps you will soon find that you have a dead rabbit vaporizer that can turn any bunny into an elated party animal in no time!

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