Can Vape really help people quit smoking?

When Vape first launched on the market, “Vape helps quit smoking” was a logical inference, supported by only some small cross-sectional clinical experimental evidence. Many people believe that if smokers try to quit smoking with Eleaf Ijust Vape and fail to smoke cigarettes and Vape at the same time in a two-pronged way, does Vape play a bad role in helping the abuser?

Therefore, IJOY Vape Pod System, people eagerly hope that researchers can test the effectiveness of Vape in smoking cessation treatment through a large random clinical trial (Random Clinical Trial, RCT).

In 2013, the Christopher Bullen team of the University of Auckland in New Zealand and the Riccardo Polosa team of the University of Catania in Italy published the results of their independent randomized experiments to measure the effectiveness of Vape. The New Zealand team took 657 smokers who received withdrawal treatment as the study subjects and found that the participants who smoked Vape containing 10mg/ml nicotine per day had a higher percentage of quitting smoking after 6 months than the placebo group (7.3% vs 4.1%). In a study of 300 smokers, the Italian team provided the experimental group with Vape containing 7.2mg/ml nicotine for 3 consecutive months, and then a follow-up investigation found that the percentage of subjects who took Vape one year later remained quit smoking was higher than that of placebo Group (13.0% vs 4.0%) Vape Shop Online.

In other words, these two studies have shown that Vape can increase the success rate of quitting cigarettes, but the success rate of about 10% still means that most volunteers “surrender” under the combined attack of Vape and cigarettes. At the same time, these two studies did not directly compare Asmodus Vape Mod with the mainstream clinical nicotine replacement therapy, so it is impossible to answer the question “whether Vape is more effective than current nicotine replacement therapy”

At the beginning of this year, some progress was made on the above issues. From May 2015 to February 2018, a number of institutions in the United Kingdom jointly conducted a study on 886 smokers seeking to quit, comparing the effectiveness of smoking 18mg/ml Vape and mainstream nicotine replacement therapy. The study found that 18.0% of the volunteers in the Vape group successfully quit smoking after one year Timesvape Vape Mod, higher than 9.9% of nicotine replacement therapy, suggesting that Vape is a very promising new smoking cessation therapy. The research was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in January 2019.

However, researchers represented by Belinda Borrelli of Boston University disputed the conclusions of the study, arguing that the study did not compare the effects of drugs such as bupropion YOOZ Vape, while the Tel Aviv University study in Israel in 2018 Results of 61 analyses on the use of bupropion for smoking cessation treatment show that 20% of bupropion successfully quit smoking in one year.

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