AEGIS Boost Mod: A Great Air Cooler With a Long History

The new GeekVape AEGIS Boost Pro Kit is the newest release of the widely acclaimed Aegis series. With the AEGIS Boost, Vandy has created a power system that is not only great sounding but also great on the draw. A single replaceable internal rechargeable battery powers the AEGis Boost Pro allowing it to double its output power to a phenomenal 100W, making giant vapor clouds and tons of unbelievable flavor. The dual charging system on the AEGis Boost Pro makes it very convenient for your pocket while the variable voltage output allows you to set it up for your favorite wattage level.

aegis boost

The most impressive feature of the aegis boost is its temperature control, or the ability to adjust its own wattage and output based on what you are puffing. This variable airflow control allows you to keep your favorite flavors at whatever intensity you desire, and it will do so with extremely precise control. You can get a nice mellow start to a mellow, cool day, a strong medium to start the day out with a strong peppermint flavor, or a scorching hot finale to put an end to your experience.

To top off the awesome performance of the aegis boost, we have the cool look of the vaper that makes it unique. The vaper looks like two individual devices wrapped in one. It has a small hole in the side where you can insert the batteries or even screw on the GeekVape sub-base while the mod is charging. With the light ring attached to the side, you can see the coils very well, and you can determine if you need to use a ground or glass mod. There is a stainless steel plate to place your mod on if you so choose.

The aegis boost comes with a standard aegis mod, which allows you to choose between three different voltage options. They include a lower setting for a more mild vapor, a medium setting for a rich flavorful punch, and a high setting, which are great for keeping that nicotine buzz going. There is also a triple battery mode which switches batteries in order to give you a longer lasting mod, and eliminates the need for you to constantly replace the batteries. If you are looking for a long lasting mod, and you don’t mind the minor inconvenience of a triple battery option, the jackaroo pod kit is a great choice.

While the aegis boost does not include a glass mod or a sub-base, the geeks bundle comes with a special add-on that includes the two items. The geekvape Tornado RDA is a popular all purpose digital single Coil Box Mod, and it has a temperature control dial that makes temperature adjustments much easier to do. Just a quick click will get you the desired temperature, and a press of a button will activate the mod. This is the perfect addition to an air cooler if you like to change your flavor preferences throughout the day.

The aegis box mod also comes with a user manual that is easy to follow and a warranty card. This user manual covers all of the features of the AEGis Boost, including temperature control and coil resistance. It is a good idea to read the manual and watch the video before using the mod to make sure you are comfortable with how it works. Some coils on different models can have a different resistance level, and this affects how the vapor is created. If you are unsure of the resistance of a coil, the manual will explain it in great detail.

The vandy pod kit is a great way to get the most out of your AEGIS unit, and the price is very reasonable for both of these additions. A pod kit comes with three preinstalled coils which allow users to upgrade to higher resistance coils in the future. Most of the pods are made out of glass, but there are some made of plastic and even ceramic available. They come in a variety of sizes and flavors to fit anyone’s personal taste.

The aegis boost does not ruin the pod because it has a limited flavor selection, but it may not be enough for some users. The ability to custom build your own coils and customize your AEGIS Boost will allow many more options for creating the perfect flavor combination. I personally prefer the pods because they are inexpensive, but everyone’s preference is different.

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