VOOPOO Vaporizers and Their New Wave of Devices

VOOPOO has established itself as one of the leading brands in vaporizer technology. VOOPOO VINCI 2 Kit is their latest offering. With many features including auto shut off, battery power indicator, and auto shut off auto-charge feature. Best of all it comes with two spare batteries, a charger, wall adapter and a charger cord.

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Auto Shut Off – The VOOPOO VINCI 2 Kit includes an easy to use auto shut off system. It starts off whenever the power comes on. When the unit is fully charged and the heating element is hot, the auto shut off system will turn off the heating element and switch it to battery power. The unit will charge to full and remain at that temperature until the battery runs out. This gives you the ability to be ready to inhale again. For those who use their vaporizers infrequently, this feature can save you time.

Battery Power Indicator – The VOOPOO Pods and Vaporizers come standard with a durable stainless steel metallic body. It is also equipped with a rubber mouth piece and an ergonomic back plate. Both the body and the mouth piece are designed to protect the user from inhaling in case of accidental contact with anything. If the power button is accidentally pressed or released, the back plate will immediately turn red and the unit will shut off immediately. The two power buttons are touch sensitive and are easy to press and to release. You do not have to press and hold these buttons for too long or the unit will shut off without the option to re-power the unit.

The drag feature on the VOOPOO vaporizer allows you to move your fingers left and right while puffing in order to control the amount of vapor produced. To turn the drag feature on, simply press the red “DRIVE” button located on the bottom of the unit. The speed at which the “DRIVE” function turns on can be increased by slowly moving your fingers in a “come here” motion. The speed at which the “DRIVE” function turns off can also be increased by simply moving your fingers in a “come here” motion.

The first product we will review features the patented Allylipoo technology which is the centerpiece of the voopoo line. This patented technology allows the unit to maintain precise temperature control, even when airflow conditions change. In other words, the temperature control is not dependent upon the temperature outside, but instead depends upon what the user is doing with the device. As you might guess, the Allylipoo gene chip is what allows the unit to maintain a constant temperature while allowing your personal genetic data to be stored and retrieved.

The second product available from VOOPOO is their Gene Chip Box Mod. The Gene Chip is used in conjunction with the Allylipoo unit in order to maintain consistent temperature control and humidity. VOOPOO offers three different wattage settings: low, medium, and high. The box mod is available in three different lengths: one-foot, two-foot, or three-foot. All three options provide the same amount of wattage, but there are additional features available on the longer models that may be useful to certain users.

The third product available from VOOPOO is their Flipbox vaporizer. The Flipbox is essentially a portable personal vaporizer that allows users to enjoy fresh, flavorful e-liquid at any time, place, or day. Like the Allylipoo and VOOPOO gene chips, the Flipbox utilizes the patented Allylipoo technology which is based on temperature control. Also like the other two devices, the Flipbox offers three different wattage options and comes in three different lengths: one-foot, two-foot, and three-foot.

The final product to receive coverage from VOOPOO is their lineup of pod mods. Similar to the gene chip, these devices utilize an internal heating element to generate consistent high vapor production. The pod mod is also similar to the vaporizer in that it allows a user to enjoy an open air experience without any limitations. They are available in two different wattage options: six and twelve watts. The additional versatility offered by VOOPOO with its wide array of VOOPOO pods allows a user to experience the benefits of all three products in one convenient package.

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