Where can I buy an excellent VapingGT GT Pen Pod and VapingGT GT Pen Coil

VapingGT GT Pen Shuck Cartridge 2ml 1pc
GT Pen Vessel is applicable to VapingGT GT Pen Skin Package. It can hold 2ml e-juice ability and adopts side filling style. Furthermore, it supports 0.5 ohm GT Pen coil. 1pc in each pack.

Brand: VapingGT
Product Name: GT Pen Cartridge Hull
Suitable for: VapingGT GT Pen Kit
Ability: 2ml
Coil Resistance: 0.5 ohm.
Quantity: 1pc/pack.

Plan Materials:.
1 x GT Pen Sheathing Cartridge 1pc/pack.

VapingGT GT Pen Coil 5pcs 0.5 ohm.
GT Pen Coil is created for VapingGT GT Pen Shuck Package as well as GT Pen Husk Cartridge. It includes 0.5 ohm coil resistance. And there are 5pcs in each pack.

Brand name: VapingGT.
Item Name: GT Pen Coil.
Fit for: GT Pen Shell System Set.
Coil Resistance: 0.5 ohm.
Quantity: 5pcs/pack.

Package Contents:.
1 x VapingGT GT Pen Coil 5pcs/pack.

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