What AEGIS Boost Can Do For You

The newest addition to the Aegis Boost family, the Aegis Boost Pro is a professional-grade vaporizer with a new and improved technology. The Aegis Boost Pro is extremely compact and comes with an ergonomic and comfortable feel in combination with a beautiful and very advanced aesthetic body and a neat, clear USB-C port for quick, trouble-free charging. The Geekvape AEGIS Boost Pro- Kit is the latest installment of the Aegis vaporizer series. It’s great for making wonderful dry vapors at home and at work.

This product is a little different from the other models of the aegis boost that are out there. It’s a Podmodder model and it can be used to create an amazing dry-vaping experience that you will not find at any other place. The new and improved design allows the aegis boost pro to use it in a very functional manner. The aegis boost are also allows it to be used in a semi-permanent fashion which is a really cool feature.

The aegis boost pro has a new and very unique feature in that the kit is designed to allow a dual mode of operation. One mode is for normal vapers while the other is for people who like to change up their style and create a more personal and unique experience with their smoking experience. The ability to switch between the two modes is done simply by unplugging the vaporizer and connecting it to your computer via the USB-C cable that is included in the kit. You will be able to change the power setting in order to create a very personalized and individual experience while you vaporize your herbs.

The jackaroo aegis boost has a very unique and interesting design feature in that it has a very large battery life that will last you a very long time. The battery life is nearly double that of their competitors and the extra battery life allows you to vaporize longer without the need to constantly re-charging the unit. This is a major benefit because it means that you can have a great tasting product for a very long time without worrying about constantly running out of power or wasting money on recharging units.

The airflow control on this vaporizer is a very cool and innovative feature that was added on to the original design by the company, Jackaroo. This unique feature allows you to manually control the amount of vapor produced from the device. On a good note, the company does warn that this type of control may increase the risk of fire if you are not careful. The fan blades are a little bit noisy when operating so this should be considered when using the jackaroo aegis boost as your vapes. The increased battery life and large 2000mah battery have led to rave reviews of the product, with most people call it a must have for any serious vaper.

The jackaroo AEGIS boost comes with a very unique and effective air system which is called the “jackaroo technology”. This is basically a unique construction design that is similar to a pimp pump. The unique construction allows the air to be cycled through the coil heads quickly and effectively. This allows the coil to heat faster and stay heated longer than other coil systems on a vaporizer. The advantage of cycled air being able to stay hot longer than other systems is that it also means you get a more even heat distribution and you don’t get a hot spot. Another benefit is that it gives you better vapor production and less burning off of flavorful oils and herbs.

If you are looking for a vaporizer that has a very cool look to it and has a lot of extra benefits, than the jackaroo AEGIS Boost may just be what you are looking for. It has a very contemporary look to it, which is a little different than some of the other products out there. It comes with a pod system, a lot of extra goodies, a stainless steel coil and a durable and pretty big (at least compared to other models) front cover plate. It doesn’t have a lot of extra features other than those listed above, but it does have a unique look and all the benefits you would expect from a vaporizer such as the dual voltage capability, the large heating coils, and a whisper quiet motor.

The AEGIS boost has a lot of vapor making abilities and it will definitely make you think twice about not getting one for your own personal use. They cost around $400 for a basic model, and that can go up to a few hundred dollars if you want to put a lot of thought into your own unit. It will still be a great buy because of all the extra features mentioned above, and the cool look and feel of this particular vaporizer.

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