How do vape novices choose entry equipment?

How do vape novices choose entry equipment? Let’s look at the five key points and quickly select the range of equipment that best suits us.

Key point one

Make sure you use temperature control or power mode to use e-cigarette.

The temperature control mode is really not recommended for novice friends. This is not to say how complicated the temperature control mode is, but because the temperature control requirements for the device are relatively high, far exceeding the power mode requirements for the device, and The heating wire requirements are also relatively high. (The difference between the specific temperature control and power can be viewed by replying to “temperature control power“) So if you do not regard the temperature control mode as a priority mode for daily use, then it is recommended to purchase a semi-mechanical box or a conventional civilian host device, no need to buy Too expensive equipment.

Key point two

Batteries, we not only have to look at the number of batteries but also how to install them.

The number of batteries refers to the number of batteries that can be plugged into this device. Is it a single battery that can only hold one battery, dual battery, three batteries or four batteries? Is the size of the battery 18650, 20700, 21700 or 28650? If you are using a mouth suction atomizer, then you can use a single battery of 18650, and you don’t have to worry about portability and durability. However, if it is a model of daily use of lung suction, the pumping is very fierce, then it is recommended to double-charge 18650, and it does not appear to be bloated when it is carried out, which is almost enough for most of the day. If you use patients heavily, come with a four-power 18650 and dual-power 20700 device, so basically you don’t have to worry about the power.

The installation method of the battery refers to whether the battery is a conventional removable lithium battery. The 18650, 20700, 21700 or 28650 batteries belong to this category, and the other type is the model aircraft battery that is not easy to remove. To put it simply, if it is not a favorite for the host of the model aircraft battery, then it is better to choose a conventional battery, and it is very convenient for future maintenance.

Key point three

Chips, try to choose a product provided by a reliable manufacturer. As for the types of chips and the best manufacturers, there is no need to say more here. For the vast majority of gamers and friends, as long as the chip is not false, then the difference in power mode will not be too great, there is no need to die for a certain brand of chips, and you will be pitted without buying this chip, and so on. However, in a certain price range, it is true that one penny and one penny of goods. After all, the added value of things such as solid wood and carbon fiber is very high, which is an aesthetic value.

Key point four

Functions, believe me about this point, most of my friends use power mode everyday, and don’t think that those bells and whistles can provide any great experience. The simpler the things, the more you will use in the future, what can adjust the curve, adjust the compensation, mad dog mode, etc. These modes have been used for a long time, no matter who these things, no matter what the power, you can go, yes Too many friends think the key point later. So don’t think that the more functions, the better the equipment. The equipment that does the job well is the good equipment. Too many functions cause the equipment to be easily damaged. No matter how expensive it is, it is really a buy-in.

Key point five

top priority! Be sure to choose a device that you are sure you like 100%! This is especially important. Rest assured that in the e-cigarette equipment, there is a village after a village. This device does not like the look, it does not look directly. There are so many good devices, don’t follow the trend! And it is recommended that the purchase look is not too surprising. The more stimulating the look, the easier the aesthetic fatigue, but the mediocre design is easier to match with the atomizer.

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