Guide to the Best AEGIS Mechanical Modules

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A newer product to the Mech Modding family, AEGIS Boost uses an internal air system that provides both positive and negative pressure. Because of this, it can be used on a variety of aircraft types and can add real life combat power to a craft. This mod pack includes a pair of its own regulated mod engines, along with a set of flight-ready missiles, bombs, and cannonballs. A fully featured modding package AEGIS Boost has all the standard features of its sister products such as the Stalker and the Arbitrator. However, it adds two additional systems which may prove to be very useful in a variety of situations.

The first system included in AEGIS Boost is the Resistance Coil. This system uses a pair of insulated Resistance Rings located within a foam box. These rings have a small amount of resistance built into them, allowing them to push a full load of batteries through their coils with incredible force. When a full load of batteries are pushed through the Resistance Coils, they push a tremendous amount of energy through the entire weight of the AEG.

The second system within AEGIS Boost is the Voltage Supplier. This system works in conjunction with the Resistance Coils to allow the user to regulate the amount of voltage that is supplied to the battery. When more voltage is required to reach the battery’s maximum capacity, more coils will be lit so that more voltage can be supplied. When too much voltage is supplied, the battery will not only become less powerful, but may also malfunction.

As a rule of thumb, I would recommend using AEGIS Boost only in a regulated device. Using a regulated device allows the user to control the amount of voltage that is supplied to the battery. If you are using an unregulated device, you are basically burning your battery before it even has a chance to start. Using AEGIS Boost regulated devices, the possibility of overcharging your battery is virtually non-existent. This is because the voltage supplied to the battery is controlled by a mathematical algorithm.

If you are not going to be using a regulated device, AEGIS Boost can still be used in a Mechanical Mod. Mechanical mods are great if you are looking to experience a truly unique kind of sound for your AEG device. When utilizing a mechanical mod, you are going to want to make sure that you purchase a high quality device. High quality means that the springs, gears, and connections used are top notch. To test the durability of a mechanical mod, you can open up the device and hear its spring whine as it bops around inside. If the device is still in good shape after opening, then it should be able to withstand continuous use.

A final consideration for any AEGIS product is the Resistance Sub-ohm Vaping Device. Resistance Sub-ohm Vs. Ceramic Coils which is the most popular debate when it comes to AEGIS products. I personally prefer the resistance sub-ohm, simply because it gives me more options when it comes to customising my device. If you are looking for a great all-around coil building device then the Resistance Sub-ohm may be what you are looking for. These devices are more expensive than the standard AEGIS atomiser, but I feel they are worth it.

One of the most popular AEGIS mods around, is the Vapors! The Vapors are incredibly durable, lightweight, and have an incredible performance. They are also extremely powerful when charging. The newest addition to the Vapors line of Mech mods is the “Chaos” series. This modulates the voltage and temperature of the batteries and can even shut off the auto-fire if you need to. The Chaos batteries can also support a larger array of AEG batteries if necessary.

All of these styles of AEGIS Mechanical Modules are available in different flavours. So whether you are looking for a full tank, a mid-sized box, or just a few key pieces of battery, you can find them at a quality electrical wholesale price. Many of the best places to buy these products are online. However, as always be careful when purchasing over the internet, to make sure that you are buying from a reputable company.

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