Commenet about Uwell Caliburn :Vape Pod System Starter Kit 520mAh 2ml

Vapeciga Caliburn new design comes in a cardboard box classic color well this scheme – black and gold – and has a sketch on the front of the device. On the back of the box, we have a table of contents, please, contact information and age limit nicotine and the manufacturer’s warning required by law.

If you are using a drive system VooPoo pod Nano, who know the kind I’m talking about the chain.

Caliburn and Koko Design and build quality
Koko pod Caliburn new aluminum alloy and plastic, weighs very little and only measures 67mm x 43mm x 12mm 33g, which is one of the smaller, lighter vaping device.

The only difference between the original design and an incredible variety Koko Good Caliburn. While the former has a classic wand design is a rectangle. It is as if they are cut Caliburn two side pieces and set aside to create a model of Koko. So they decided to make it very clear to me, as a simple design changes do not explain the need for different models of devices that are very successful.

 Koko mark stamped on both sides of the device, as if someone might be confused with the first generation of Uwell Caliburn KOKO show new, but apart from the mark, all other elements are minimal.

If used Caliburn Well, you know that Koko uses exactly the same, only with blue red nonbasic. In fact, they come with a 1.2Ω 1.4Ω coil relative to the original. So technically they are not exactly the same, but they are very interchangeable what he meant. So if you have an old and want to take Caliburn POD Koko more, can be used with it. Even with the original Caliburn users who just want to try a new 1.2Ω pods.

Caliburn peas as last year, Koko has a top charging system is a very simple yet effective has two holes on each side of the central air shaft. You must remove the black funnel for access to the charging port, you can do to make it with less energy. Be sure to use two hole during filling, using a thick juice can cause one side of the flood, while others remain completely dry. In fact, the pods are on the thin side, and the center of the head coil may prevent juice to move from side to side holster.

Koko Caliburn pod contains up to 2 ml of fixing e-liquid and Koko battery by applying pressure in the funnel until it locks into place. Although the tank on the battery itself has thin on one side where you can see the level of window types of juice. It can be a little difficult to see from time to time the juice, however, so I recommend pod just left and check if you have juice in it.

Compared with modern pod mods as sheath systems, including advanced and Orion or goal uwell nunchaku click in, or lost, but rudimentary Pasito vaporizer vaporizer sheath, not bad for the set.

The Caliburn Koko 1A charging level, which is very good, but worth it for the input range of vaping device. Also Cupe-vaporizer while charging technology, which means that you will be able to use it as a gateway.

How Caliburn Koko Well vaporizer?
The Caliburn Caliburn Koko is basically a different form of pods that use the same style, so there is not much difference in performance between the two devices vaping. Of course, the Caliburn-activated manually, while Koko has a switch activated by drawing new vaporizer-pod is equipped with a coil resistance is lower, but the difference is not much difference.

The Caliburn Well Koko offers the same excellent performance as sister; outstanding flavor, steam production is above average for this type of vaping device and the battery life is not so bad. But for me, the most important feature is the ability MTL. It is not as strong as Vladdin RE, for example, but if you prefer the nose to the lungs a little loose, I think Koko Caliburn is equivalent to zero bright Renova

Koko is a valuable addition to the family of Caliburn Well pod systems, but in my opinion, is not considered if you do not already have the original Crown pods get code.

Caliburn simple elegant slim AIO (all in one) kit square pod, which means that no mod or a separate reservoir that can be used with other things. Having pods replaced for parts, but sold separately and coils integrated in the nacelle so as to replace the entire Renova or zero EQ Innokin sheath. intelligent design is very similar to the mid-sheath. It is very small and easy to pocket. No air is adjusted so that most of the pods. It was not much, but it was cold when the pods have adjustable air, but not really the norm these days is not only an advantage to have. It has an average capacity of 2 ml (TPD if consistent). Stored in 520mAh battery (at Caliburn) and output devices directly and 1.2 ohm resistor and that the list of 11 watts of max According Nah but discreet mathematics 11.09 watts, depending on the battery. It has an integrated USB charging, which surprisingly did not record the level of charges or the other to do. I checked with meter USB line and the level of fees it charges for a maximum .76A close enough to have a rating of 1A, but .75A-.8a would be better for me and more than adequate for the size of the drum. This is the total cost of about 60 minutes. The battery 556mah size so no complaints. Remarks recorded and Caliburn even if they have the same value.

The vapeciga Uwell Caliburn Pods very well built, but also very light. Weighed shell 27G and 35G with full pod. They 33g are recorded with the empty case. Chat wise have a matte black, which is the body with bright koko logo on the side.

This usage is quite simple. There is only one fire breathing apparatus studs is a big difference between it and the fire button and Caliburn have two options. I have no problem with the air sensor or stalled altogether. LED at the bottom before Pinhole and LED light enough to see, but not really when vaping. Fortunately, it remained for a few seconds after inhalation so you can easily check the load. When vaping color lets you know the battery. meaning a total of 60% green, blue and red means 30-60% means that 30% or less. Very good metro and fairly standard in most of the pods, but in step 4 will be fine, but that’s being picky. pod cover, but also clear and there is a small window of juice from a cut on the side so it’s quite easy to see the level of juice. The window can be a little bigger, but then again I’m picky. It is also easy to get out and see. 2 of my biggest complaints about the visibility of dark color and does not have a window juice and juice from this device does not make mistakes, so I have to give credit.

There is only one choice of coils is 1.2 ohm coils. No wire material specification or a good bit. But you can also use Uwell Amulet Vape show new 1.4 Ohms teeth, which turned out to be great too.

My first roll 40ml I met him before his death ridiculous life. I found the other coil 20 ml through it and still work well, so yes very impressed with the life of the coil. I also use Caliburn OG coil on it to make sure it works because I use my Caliburn and buy more rolls and it works very well. Overall a great flavor and a good balance and the life of the coil and consistency.

color (4 total)
The average capacity of 2 ml
Good quality batteries
simple beauty
the right size for easy transport
a good record for the size of the battery
cost is quite fast (60 minutes)
a great taste for System monodosis
The pods are easy to remove and install
easy to fill (a method that fills the pod)
vaping gate
LED battery indicator is easy to see because they are after blow
Fireworks fire breathing well
battery life is pretty good
cloves and windows clear juice
battery meter good enough
living large coil
2nd gear

Vapeciga Uwell Crown 4 compatible with nails


Window juice can be, I guess a little more

Additional steps in the battery meter would

They must record the amount of expenditure


So, with all that said, I recommend this kit POD or not? I do not like loud or not, and I had to lean toward him pretty heavy. Honestly, I oppose the ticky tacky and quite obviously I can not complain about this device. Everything worked as it should. They are the most important part, namely the right to life and the direction of the coil. They also handle most of the complaints I have with other people, such as colored pods filling method, it is difficult to remove the pods, no juice etc.The window Caliburn remains one of the best in their teeth and the cocoa market is as good if not a little better. Great followed by a great device. I added to my CER under the associated spreadsheet, you can check whether you are in the market for anything.

You can buy here:Uwell Vape pod

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