Asmodus Pyke Vape Reviews

ASMODUS from California, USA is one of the most active brands at present, and its product line covers cigarette oil, host equipment, atomizers, heating wires, etc., especially cigarette oil. Today for everyone Share is Asmodus’ latest work in the field of small smoke Asmodus Pyke

The packaging of Asmodus Pyke does not have too many fancy design elements. The front and back sides of the outer packaging cover very clearly indicate to the user “This product contains nicotine, which is an addictive chemical substance.” This is rarely seen on domestic brands. So described.

The outer packaging is removed, and the inside is the world-lid packaging box. The box body is beautified with Asmodus’ LOGO pattern, and the materials are solid.

The specific configuration is: 1*Asmodus Pyke, 3* cartridges (the taste is Guava ICE ice guava, Mint/METHOL fresh mint, Tobacco/LUSH classic tobacco), 1*USB charging cable, 1*warranty card, 1*product use Instruction manual.

Asmodus Pyke is made of aluminum alloy, which is shorter in size than mainstream smoke. The arc treatment on both sides and the lacquer surface treated by the matte process make Asmodus Pyke’s grip feel good.

In terms of color, Asmodus Pyke has 4 color combinations of red, green, black and Symphony Gradient. I naturally have Symphony Gradient in my hand. I feel this color is more fashionable.

Asmodus Pyke is designed with an indicator light in the middle, and it will display a white light when used. It is mainly used to remind the battery.

The pattern on the end of the rod body should be Asmodus’ new LOGO. Compared with the wheel, this kind of animal/flower carving-like style will be more artistic. The design process of the sinking silver plating uses it to improve the wear resistance.

The top of the cigarette rod has a U-shaped design, which is not only conducive to the extraction of cigarette cartridges, but also allows the cigarette rod and cartridge to be better integrated, helping to enhance the value of the product.

Asmodus Pyke cartridges are designed for food grade PCTG materials that have passed the US FDA food equipment material testing, so the entrance will be more assured. And good transparency helps users to control the remaining oil in the warehouse to prevent dry burning.

The perspective found that the internal structure of the smoke bomb is slightly different from the mainstream smoke bomb. According to the manufacturer, it uses asMODus cylindrical cotton-coated ceramic atomizing core.

Compared with the common ceramic core, this ceramic cotton core is surrounded by organic cotton, which can not only effectively control the oil conduction, but also avoid the problem of dry burning of the ceramic core, so the service life is longer, and the taste will be more delicate and soft.

This time, Asmodus Pyke is equipped with pre-filled smoke cartridges for the domestic market (a total of 3 flavors, all of which are imported from the United States).

At the same time, in response to the United States ban on flavored electronic cigarettes, REFILLABLE PODS refillable cartridges were specially introduced. Of course, this oil-fillable smoke bomb also caters to the preferences of some domestic users. First, it can realize self-setting in taste, and secondly, it appropriately reduces the cost of use.

Ice guava 5%: The entrance is the fruit scent of guava, not greasy, but under the mild cooling, the taste of guava is more refreshing.

Fresh mint 5%: This taste should not be overstated, the main note is the very refreshing green arrow mint smell. Therefore, the nicotine content is 5%, so the throat is very strong, which is conducive to detoxification.

Classic tobacco 5%: Tobacco taste is very strong, and can also feel the obvious caramel taste, a strong throat sensation in the back of the throat, and does not show a choking feeling, is undoubtedly the favorite of the old smokers .

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